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    October 29, 2013
    12:00 - 12:31pm PDT  

shooting a teenager to deat. one week ago today. fternoon, an angry community marching again over a deputy shooting a teenager to death one week ago today. good afternoon everyone. >> 13 year old andy lopez was killed while carrying a bb gun designed to look like an assault rifle, the latest in a series of investigations of his
death is now underway. >> reporter: there is probably close to 200 people here in old court house square in downtown santa rosa. this is only one of the locations demonstrators are meeting at. we'll give you a closer look now. the other location is santa rosa junior college from. what we understand, both groups here will combine and march to the sonoma county sheriffs office in a couple hours. as the anger grows, so does the memorial that honors 13 year old andy lopez in the same place he was shot by a deputy. there is a key of candles, photographs and messages to the boy. this is where police say a week ago andy was carrying a toy gun deputies thought was an assault rifle. he did not comply with orders to drop the gun. we spoke with one saying this community is growing more frustrated before it wasn't fair for him and his family.
the cops should somehow do something else, not shoot him seven times. it's not fair. >> reporter: sonoma county sheriffs office is ready for what could be the largest demonstration yet. the office is blocked like a fortress with barricades blocking every entrance. in the meantime santa rosa police are continuing the investigation into the shooting and we are learning more about the man behind the trigger. deputy eric yellhouse is on administrative leave following last week's shooting. investigators say lopez pointed a toy gun at yellhouse and another deputy. the sheriff says yellhouse has been with the department more than 20 years and feels terrible. >> we are saddened by this event. it's a tragic angelo scola on many levels. obviously for the lopez family and our community. however we are doing our best do our job. >> the deputy contributed to many gun websites and police
magazines. a veteran of the war in iraq he was commissioned to write for the swat magazine in 2008 to talk about how to survive an ambush. at the memorial there is discontent with law enforcement and little sympathy for the deputy. >> there have been threats made against the deputy. we have the balance the deputy's safety with the understanding that the media wants to report and that the public wants to know. >> reporter: we know this is a combination of different family and friends, students from local high schools and middle schools and also including people from occupy oakland are out here. as for the sheriff he couldn't comment on the investigation but said there is extra security for the deputy while he is on administrative leave. we know that the sheriff is planning to meet with latino advisory committee to talk about moving forward. there is a lot of discontent and distrust in this crowd. he hopes to rebuild that
bridge. >> thanks. a mass for andy lopez will be held at 5:00 at the resurrection parish church in santa rosa. a woman accused of killing a couple while drunk is due in court. the 54 year old is facing manslaughter and felony dui charges. police say she ran the two down last thursday evening as they walked their dog. they leave behind three children. she was already on probation for another drunk driving conviction last fall. a jury will begin deliberating the fate of a teen today. he is charged with stealing a lamborghini. he went to a car dealership and stole the $200,000 car to impress a girl. he is accused of trying to kill the girl and her then boy friend after she rejected wade's advances. efforts appear to be
working. from january of september gang related violent crime was down more than 15% compared to the same time last year. gang related homicides were down nearly 43%, roblyly riders down. the total violent crime is down more than 11%. a short flight to utah turns into a long day of frustration for some bay area travelers. kpix5's mark kelly is at oakland international airport with an exclusive report on yesterday's flying fiasco. >> reporter: it's being called the flight from hell. it took passengers aboard flight 1032 more than 12 hours, three different planes just to get the plane in the air. as you can expect the passengers were frustrated and they let those feelings be heard in exclusive video to kpix5. allegiant air's twice weekly
flight is usually a quick 90 minutes but at 9:30 monday morning shortly after flight 1032 pushed back from the gate a cable controlling front landing gear snapped. >> allegiant 1032, are you going to push back into the gait? >> yes, ma'am. >> passengers deplaned and we were told a second was coming from las vegas. plane 2 arrived but also had a mechanical problem. passengers were told plane 3 should arrive after 6:00. on board the third plane there was this. >> about another 30 or 35 minutes from now. >> passengers had lost all patience. >> i have been imprisoned by allegiant airlines. >> i am so fed up. >> this is cruel and unusual punishment. >> reporter: before 9:00pm the flight took off arriving at
utah almost 13 hours after it was scheduled to leave. allegiant issued a statement saying in part every effort was made to keep passengers as comfortable as possible. we never want to delay or inconvenience passengers but the safety of passengers and crew is our number 1 priority. employee planes, more than 12 hours later, passengers did land safely in utah late monday night. stockholders will be watching the market closely today. for the second time pictures of one of its cars bursting into flames has been caught on camera. the driver was drunk and hit a tree. last time it happened company stock tanked. >> they have shown over the crash testing and ratings and these experiences that the car has really helped the people
involved stay safe. >> the company is defending the car saying the driver is eager to get a replacement model. stock went down about 1% so far today. san francisco may join the war in sugary soda. scott weiner will introduce a plan to add $.24 to the cost of every can sold. money would pay for health, nutrition, activity programs for young people. any support from the majority of the board to get on the november 2014 ballot. some families have been forced out of their apartment by a violent car crash. the driver of a ford mustang was speeding and slammed into a unit at the complex at jackson and grant. a young man watching tv inside says the car stopped right beside him. ten people are now displaced. no one was injured, but the driver will likely be charged. a home where steve jobs built some of his first computers and cofounded apple will be preserved.
city's historical commission voted unanimously to designate it historical. the home will go through an extra layer of review if someone wanted to renovate it. jobs built the first 100 apple 1 computers at the house. the folks at facebook are getting into the halloween mood. the sign at the campus has undergone a ghoulish makeover. the logo has taken on a frankenstein look. it's getting second looks as the drivers pass. we definitely like it. >> pretty good. >> why not? how the northeast is marking the one year anniversary of super storm sandy. >> one surfer's record setting ride and the amazing feat he caught before he caught the wind. >> the clouds are beginning to part around the bay area. get ready for a cold night. we will talk about that coming up. ,,
number's released today show august prices were up nearly cent -- year-to- price surge may be slowing a little bit. numbers released show august prices up nearly 13% of the year to year that's the fastest pace since february '06. analysts say the down side is month to month increases are less dramatic and may signal spike as prices have peaked. >> markets are moving higher ahead of the meeting of the fed. this is a live look at the dow up nearly 100 points. the traders could push the dow to yet another new high. box roll out of the new healthcare webbiest is still drawing fire from all sides. today an apology from the administration. >> the website has not worked as well as it should. >> medicare chief marillyn
tavemner answered questions and while acknowledging problems she says improvements are happening daily. lawmakers are not appeased. >> you and your staff made repeated claims to the public and congress that everything would be ready on time. everything was a go. none of that proved to be true. >> we cannot solve a problem until we realize the full extent. >> glitches have republicans and even democrats pushing for delays in enforcement of the law. tomorrow the secretary of health and human services will testify before the house energy and commerce committee in the face of calls by some for her to resign. the president is doing damage control on another front as new disclosure surface about government spying on global allies. mr. obama is calling for complete review of how our intelligence operates outside the country. among leaders whose calls were
monitored german chancellor angela merkel. administration official says eavesdropping on friendly heads of state may end but no decision has been made. people living along the northeast coast are remembering the nightmare that tore communities apart a year ago. vinita nair on how one of the hardest hit towns is still rebuilding from super storm sandy. >> reporter: construction crews are still hard at work in breezy point one year later removing pieces of an old foundation. at least half the neighborhood is not back in their homes after the super storm caused massive flooding and triggered an electrical fire. marty ingram was the fire chief. >> there had to be 70 homes fully engaged with flames 60 or 80 feet high. >> reporter: he spent six months rebuilding his home. >> i can't believe it's a year. it's just been a blur. >> reporter: sandy caused an estimated $50 billion in damage
across the northeast. the immense storm damaged or destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, flooded lower manhattan and left a roller coaster in the ocean. 355 homes in breezy pointed were completely destroyed. thousands of others had flood damage. high school students who lost their homes are pitching in on this year anniversary. they're forming habitat for humanity club to help build homes. >> we are trying to rebuild stuff and help other families. >> in new jersey governor chris christie saved first responders and volunteers at the seaside park volunteer fire department for their help. 26,000 in new jersey are still out of their homes. in breezy point residents planted beach grass on a sand dune they hope will protect them from future storms. >> coastal communities in new york and new jersey will hold ceremonies later tonight. some will light candles and
shine flashlights to symbolize triumph over the darkness. a new surfing world record may have been set thanks to a big storm hitting europe. it caused this huge wave believed to be as high as 100 feet. that is one resilient surfer riding it. he is like a dot in the wave. if authenticated it would beat the current record. he also helped save the life of a female surfer who wiped out in the giant wave. >> i have been on some 12 footers. it's scary. i can't even imagine a mountain of a wave like that. there are changes in our weather coming our way. clouds are beginning to part. heading out, it is still on the cool side and will likely stay that way. nevada, lots of snow, as much
as a foot. down below scattered showers popping up early on. still we are watching clouds beginning to part and it looks like a nice afternoon although it will be on the cool side in spots. we've got parting clouds. the temperatures are now in the 50s and a few 60s but that's as warm as it will get. throughout the afternoon you will see cool conditions, a mix of sun and clouds. tonight chilly, frost advisories. we expect some temperatures near the freezing mark in some areas. then a warming trend as we go to the next days. here is that low. as much as a foot across here and some scattered showers into the bay area. that is moving out of town. we are left with a cool day today, temperatures unseasonably cool. it looks like high pressure will begin to build in the next couple days slowly. our temperatures start to warm. a couple lingering snow
flurries. lake tahoe, scattered snow showers. you will see more showers toward yosemite, a mix of sun and clouds into central valley. around our bay you will see clouds and sunshine and temperatures cool with 50s to 60s coast side. tonight dropping down in the 30s in north bay valley, parts of the east bay. it will get cold in spots. don't be surprised if you see frost as you wake up. over the next days we will see high pressure building back in. temperatures will start to warm up nicely into thursday and friday. the weekend looks good. all of you trick or treaters, we have a great forecast for you. mostly clear, just a little bit cool but it looks like it will stay dry. >> they have to wear coats over their costumes. >> it will be chilly. no rain though. neighborhood fuming over fumes. what they say the super hot sriracha sauce is doing to their health when we come back. ,,
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here is a call inland in the valley brent wood, thank you for calling.
that makes the popular srir (sir-acha) hot the city of erwindale is trying to stop smelly fumes from a plant that makes popular sriracha hot sauce. >> residents began complaining about a strong odor, burning eyes, irritated throats. folks got headaches. the public filed a public nuisance complaint against the owners who opened the factory
this year. >> eyes burning, tingling, you want to sneeze. it's like when you have that cough with the itch in your throat. kind of unbearable. >> the lawsuit says some people have had to shift activities indoors or move out of their houses temporarily. the city says they have received no action plans with the company. negotiations with the company broke down last week. >> who doesn't love shrimp and pasta. don't answer. >> i am not big on shrimp but whatever. a lot of people are. they're putting them together in a very delicious combination. >> we are making a dish you will love if you love shrimp, pepper, fete cheapy. >> we have diced tomatoes. they have enough moisture for the entire dish. >> what's great about this is this dish will have pepper to
it. >> oh yeah. >> this is pepper shrimp. >> we'll have italian parisly in there. a little bit basil. >> this is looking so perfect. >> yes, it is. i think we're done. >> i think it looks perfect. >> so do i. >> great dish. a lot of flavor in there and of course a lot of color. >> look how beautiful this looks. i am going to try this right now. it's time to eat everybody. i'll get to the shrimp, chow. love shrimp. >> you ready? >> looks good. fishermen showing off the day's catch. you will not believe what happens next coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
comes to spending money this halloween. why it could be scary news for the holiday on. that story and coming up at 5:00, consumer are his spooked when it comes to spending money. why it could be scary news for the halloween season. >> a sea lion named poncho is getting a reputation as a chief. >> people say they have seen it plenty times. poncho jumps out of the water. did you see that? grabbed the giant fish out of the man's hand. locals say the sneaky sea lion seems to stalk fishing boats. >> three fishermen trying to reel in a marlin when it jumps
into the boat. the man with no shirt high tails it. so does the other guy. he jumps into the water to avoid being stabbed. >> i guess it was more dangerous in the boat than in the water? >> apparently. >> did they recover the guy? >> yeah he got back in. he is okay. >> hanging out with poncho now. >> have a great afternoon everyone. ,,
>> hope: did you know? did you know that your mom sent me that video? >> donna: so, justin's on his way to brooke's? >> katie: yeah, bill wanted to spend some time with will. >> donna: but i'm looking at cute, little will's face right now. >> katie: that's because i'm not allowing it. >> donna: why not? >> katie: will's not gonna be in that house as long as bill and brooke are sleeping together. >> brooke: what is all this stuff? >> bill: well, most of my climbing gear's in aspen, but i did get some new gear just for you. >> brooke: i love new gear.